Overview :
Welcome to Procurement & Supply Management CPSM competency Test. This Aims at analyzing current knowledge and identify gaps.
Online CPSM Exam competency Test is a test to access the skills of the candidate for the various exam of CPSM.

It helps you focus your study efforts by identifying any areas of supply management that need strengthening.

Questions Toolkit:
All competency assessment questions used are of multiple choice type, with many options per questions (labeled 1, 2, 3 etc.), only one of which is correct. The questions test at varying levels of difficulty or learning. These levels range from questions that require the mere recall of materials to questions that require an application of knowledge to the novel situation. Some questions test for comprehension. In such cases one has to recognize the principle demonstrated in the question-memory alone will not be sufficient for getting the correct answer.
Please attempt all the questions and there is no negative scoring. Time allowed is 120 minutes. It is advisable to try Practice Test before attempting any of the competency assessment.

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