</strong></em>“If you don’t want the next 10 years, to be like the last, then now is the time to do something different.”<em><strong>

Set goals and create a time line to study and take your exams

Then, register and schedule your exams so you stick to your schedule and are less likely to get sidetracked. Look over the Exam Specifications to review exam content and use as a working document throughout your studies.

Take the CPSM Diagnostic Practice Exam to find your areas for growth.

The Diagnostic Practice Exam comes in your choice of print or web version (same content). Make sure you follow the directions to score your practice tests and match results to the references to find explanations within the other study items.

Use your score report from the Diagnostic Practice Exam (or from a previous Exam) to develop a study plan to target areas you need to strengthen — areas in which you scored less than 75 percent.

The score report references where to find the explanations in the Study Guide, the ISM Professional Series and other resources. Make sure you take the time to match your results to the justifications and follow the references — which tell you where to find detailed explanations.

Use the CPSM Study Guide

An expanded outline of the exam content, to get familiar with the exam specifications, as well as get examples of the testing format and styles of questions. It briefly explains the content tested in the exams within the context of each task category.

The ISM Professional Series

The ISM professional series is where you want to go for more detailed explanations of the exam task areas that were low in your score report. These three hardcover books are similar to graduate-level textbooks, with one volume for each of the three exams.

If needed, take another Diagnostic Practice Exam

To make sure you understand the concepts and improved your scores in weaker areas.


Webinars conducted by ISM-INDIA can help you a lot with your preparation for  exams. Join ISM-INDIA webinars which are conducted on regular basis. Recorded version of previous webinars are available at the Youtube channel of ISM-INDIA.

Preparational Guide Videos