Female founders, particularly in B2B start-up companies, face unique challenges when it comes to gaining funding and support. When we look at the challenges women face in entrepreneurship today, the discussion often involves the tech sector as a whole. This misses a deeper problem. Although women are making gains in B2C start-ups, women remain further behind when it comes to starting B2B companies. A survey by Quartz that looked at the top 351 male- and female-led start-ups found that only 2% of female entrepreneurs are founding B2B companies, compared with 12% of men.

Differences occurred in Mentoring and Coaching before they become founders, many B2B entrepreneurs gain the insight to start their companies by working at larger companies. However, in these prior roles, men and women often receive different information, mentorship, and coaching, meaning they will have varying knowledge and skills as they look to establish their own companies. Men have received coaching around business strategies and tactics, while women are coached on navigating internal politics, building confidence, and presenting themselves in the workplace. Often, women are taught how to fit into the work culture, with less focus on how to use their own strengths to get ahead.

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