Asess Your Negotiation Style

Everybody negotiates. Whether it’s for work or in everyday life, it’s an essential skill. Find out what your natural negotiation style is and learn how to use it to improve your chances of success. Take this quiz to find out.

There are 40 questions in total, all questions are required. Answer these questions about how you typically handle face-to-face negotiations at work, from where you like to meet to how you close the deal. Choose the responses that best describe what you usually do. (There are no right answers — just tendencies.) In order to receive the most accurate results, answer each question as honestly as possible. At the end, you’ll receive a personalized assessment of your style.

1.I value personal relationships and see them as the basis for a good deal.
2.I make use of my position/power to reach the deal.
3.I weigh the advantages and disadvantages of options carefully.
4.I focus on global issues rather than on the details.
5.I enjoy bargaining.

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