Procurement has a tangible, measurable impact on companies’ performance. Their share in the total spends of the companies vary between 40% to 70%. The global financial crisis in 2008 revealed that those companies who were not onlyRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Jan 25, 2021

Launched Public Procurement Professional Association of India (PPPAI)

Dear Friends:We are pleased to inform about the virtual event, which was organized by ISM-INDIA on 24 September 2020 to launch PPPAI (Public Procurement Professional Association of India). It was attended by many experts in the fieldRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Oct 3, 2020

Coronavirus Is Proving We Need More Resilient Supply Chains

Despite the impact of disasters like the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima, Japan, many multinationals still have not built resilient supply chains. That lesson is being brought home by the coronavirusRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Mar 17, 2020

Impacts of Coronavirus on Supply Chain

In case you haven’t noticed, something like 9 out of 10 articles on supply chain in recent days have something to do with the impact of the dreaded coronavirus crisis. OK, IRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Mar 3, 2020


Article Domain: Tendering Article Type: Guideline Domain-Level: Entry Level Keywords: Tendering methodology, Technology Licensor, FEED Objective To provide comparative guidance on selecting the best option for Licensor selection. Summary Since project managementRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Sep 26, 2019

Bid system & its selection: A perspective under public & private sector procurement

Procurement is a support activity performed by both public sector and private sector Company in order to acquire goods and services for organizational needs. Typically, procurement of goods and services is carriedRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Jul 16, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!!!

Dear Friends: As 2019 comes up on the horizon, we wish to express our thanks and appreciation for your overwhelming support and co-operation.  Our top 10 most read content in 2018 are asRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Dec 31, 2018

Drones and its impact on Supply Chain

Definition and History Drones are nothing but Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). A Drone comprises of frame, propellers, engine and the electronic control and it was earlier used for military, agriculture, police, filmingRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Oct 17, 2018

18 Targeted Inventory Reduction Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals

Inventory comprises an important part of current assets, particularly in manufacturing industry. A lot of cash flow is committed to inventories so as to ensure a smooth flow of production to meetRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Sep 11, 2018

Procurement Competency Quiz 2018

Dear Friends: Procurement Competency Award by ISM-INDIA is a formal recognition of your accomplishment in the field of Procurement. This award will be given to top three scorers of the Procurement CompetencyRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Sep 5, 2018

ISM-INDIA Launches New! CPSM® Certification

As you are aware, Procurement & Supply Chain Management have been evolving in an incredible way in the last few years. To cater these changes in the above functions, ISM USA has revised the examRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Aug 17, 2018

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

On this occasion of the International Women’s Day 2018, I salute all women who are pursuing their career in Procurement & Supply Chain. There has never been a better time for womenRead More...
By : ISM-INDIA | Mar 8, 2018
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