CPSM Training Material has been developed according to exam specifications. This can be accessed online by members only. It aims in helping you to understand the depth and breadth of content covered in the CPSM and CPSM Bridge Exam. We are pleased to enclose PowerPoint Slides for all the 3 exams. These can be reviewed online and can’t be downloaded.

PowerPoint slides summarizes the CPSM® Study Guide and cover every task in all Exams. The PowerPoint includes the following slides for each task in the CPSM® Exam:

  • A task outline from CPSM® Exam Specification
  • A series of slides summarizing content from the CPSM® Study Guide, for use in presenting a review
  • Knowledge checks from the current CPSM® Courseware (recall, comprehension and application questions as well as discussion questions from case studies) are embedded in the PowerPoint slides at the end of each task
  • The final slide(s) for each task is/are “Summary and Review,” highlighting key points covered by the task.


CPSM Exam 1 CPSM Exam 2 CPSM Exam 3