ISM-INDIA  is India’s leading service provider in the field of supply chain with the experience of working with almost all the MNCs within the country. With our experienced team and  good analytical skills we have worked to have a well organised supply chain and procurement practices which helped our clients to save their money and time.  With the motive to provide the meaningful data with accuracy we worked to provide best service for Spend Analysis, Benchmarking, Audit, Diversity & Minority spend, e- Procurement  advisory & selection, Supplier Relationship Management, Market Research & Analysis, Market Research Management,  Outsourced Project Management, Procurement Transformation Adivisory.

Spend Analysis

With the experience of working with the MNC’s like Wipro, we had well experienced team to have insightful and actionable analysis of spend. We start by conducting an extensive spend analysis, in order to identify the most promising opportunities for savings.


We provide the best Benchmarking and performance improvement service. Our goal is to provide companies with viable recommendations and sustainable procurement strategies.

Diversity & Minority Spend

Supplier diversity is a business strategy that ensures a diverse supplier base in the procurement of goods and services for any business or organization. Our experienced team give assurance of  designing, standing up, and continuously improving Diversity Spend Programs across a variety of industries.

e- Procurement advisory & selection

Procurement is constantly evolving. With increased maturity of the process and technology, there have been many efforts to improve efficiency and transparency of the procurement process. This has led to enhancing the links between customer and supplier by combined use of electronic communication and information technology (ICT). In short this could be called eProcurement which is the key component of e-business and e-commerce.