(ISM) is the first supply management institute in the world. Founded in 1915, it is the most respected, oldest, and largest Supply Management Institute in the world. ISM exists to lead and serve the supply management profession. By executing and extending its mission through education, research, standards of excellence, and information dissemination — including the renowned monthly ISM Report On Business®— ISM maintains a strong global influence among individuals & organizations. Supported by more than 65,000 members & certified professionals in 70 countries.

Over the years, ISM-INDIA has worked closely with the industry to serve as a guide towards building Procurement Organizations. With the launch of the CPO Awards 08 years ago, ISM-India has partnered with many companies to enhance their competitiveness using a Procurement Maturity Model.

Without a true sense of how and why Procurement should go about transforming, many organizations find themselves quickly admitting defeat. In all likelihood, these organizations skipped an essential step in the Procurement Transformation process. They’ve neglected to conduct a Procurement Maturity Assessment. A Maturity Assessment enables Procurement to reach a genuine understanding of its current capacity and capabilities. The exercise makes it possible for Procurement to set more realistic goals for itself and strategically target areas for improvement.


Indian Procurement Organization of the Year: The flagship “Indian Procurement Organization of the year” award recognizes exceptional achievement showcasing Overall Excellence in procurement. The award is presented to the organization that has undertaken the most successful project or activity and helped raise procurement’s profile to the rest of the business community.

Outstanding Leader in ProcurementThe Award is presented to procurement’s corporate star and is open for nomination to all senior individuals. This award showcases an individual’s significant contribution to a key initiative or project & how they have influenced its outcome thereby the Organization at Large. The winner can be nominated by themselves or can be chosen by anyone from the organization

Outstanding Procurement Future LeaderThe category recognizes the Procurement Leader of the future who has demonstrated initiatives in rolling out specific plans & strategies towards achieving organizational goals. Applicant should be a Mid-Level Manager (min 3>7 yrs) with Knowledge of Procurement practices & has a grasp of aligning business interests of the organization to its workforce needs.

Outstanding Procurement Team: This category recognizes the “Procurement Team” that has worked best to achieve a significant goal & the recognition is given based on the accomplishments of the team in relation to the size & complexity of its procurement activities. The team will have demonstrated initiative, creativity, and leadership to be a positive force for change & improvement in the procurement function.

Emerging Women Leader in Procurement: This award will be presented to the initiative that has most positively impacted the performance of an organization’s supply chain. Judges will be looking for an example for excellence in demand forecasting, logistics, CSR, supply chain risk, on-time delivery, among others & the impact these have had on the wider business.

Excellence in Procurement TransformationThis award will reward for achieving great things through a transformation thereby significantly improving the quality of an underperforming function or taking an already high-performing organisation to next level. The Jury members will give each entrant company a score to determine maturity level, based on various factors including, company size, region, industry & turnover.

Excellence in Supplier Relationship Management: This category recognized an organization that identifies benefits & opportunities for rationalizing the supply base, managing the effective relationship with the supplier, developing new supplier qualification plans & conducts supplier performance evaluations. Spread, intensity & complexity of SRM activities with reference to procurement considered with a demonstration of achievement

Excellence in Use of Technology: The Excellence in Use of Technology category demonstrates the most effective use of today’s technology an enabler and has successfully influenced the outcome of a procurement project. This can be across functions/teams/geographies within the Organization which has enabled in identifying gaps & thus increase ROI.

Excellence in Risk Mitigation: Risk mitigating is a crucial element of procurement & with large, complex supply chains, it is a challenge that gets more difficult every year. This award recognizes companies that have mature approaches to supply, reputational or regulatory risk, which has had a tangible impact on business. Judges will be looking for how procurement has managed specific risks, the tools and techniques employed, and specific results.

Excellence in People Development: This category recognizes the most effective people development within procurement thereby creating a tangible positive working environment. The judges reward programs related to innovation in attracting, retaining & developing human capital that has raised the skill levels and contributed to improvements in performance & career development through the various initiatives.

Outstanding Cross-Functional CollaborationCollaboration with the wider business is crucial if procurement is to make a significant impact; whether that be with finance, product development, operations or marketing, or another key business function. The award in this category is presented based on how collaboration has successfully influenced the outcome to achieve the mutual goal set by the Management

Excellence in Procurement Sustainability: This award recognizes the procurement function that has used that influence for a positive effect while remaining financially responsible. This award demonstrates the significant contribution of its Procurement teams to the achievement of social, ethical, sustainable, environmental, and community outcomes & enhancing a reputation & brand values in an SRP context.

Outstanding Procurement Solution ProviderThe Award recognizes solution providers who work closely with individual customers, thereby providing quality customer service, high value for money & positive client feedback. This category is open to solutions and technology, consultancy, outsourcing & training organisations. Part of the criteria involves entrants providing a detailed & verifiable client testimonial 

PSM Competence AwardIn this new era of the ever-changing global economy, competence management is crucial to improve business performance as well as to manage risks. The core competency of the Procurement & Supply Management (PSM) serves to validate the individual’s ability and knowledge to perform the work challenges to a set of quality standards and acceptable level of performance in a job with the highest credential and recognition.

For more details on Awards Criteria and Judging Parameters. please write us at pradeep.khetan@ism-india.org / awards@ism-india.org || arun.pal@ism-india.org