The World Bank Procurement Framework supports Countries to achieve value for money with integrity in delivering sustainable development through inclusive, accountable, and coordinated procurement processes.

Key points for the test: 

  • This will be conducted online. 
  • There will be 60 multiple-choice questions. 
  • Everyone will get a different Question set. 
  • The test duration will be 70 minutes.
  • The test result will be disclosed immediately.
  • The test window will be open for 12 hours. You can take your test anytime during the schedule. 
  • There will be NO Negative Marking. 
  • Each Question will carry equal weight.
  • The maximum mark will be 600. 
  • The passing score would be 60%. 
  • You will get a Certificate of Completion on passing the test.  
  • The second attempt will be free. After 2nd attempt, every additional attempt will be paid.