Dear STL Colleague,

STL has embarked on a journey to build functional competencies through a structured development center approach. As a part of this, you are invited to spend your quality time in assessing your competencies. To make training more effective, there is a strong need to identify the existing competency level and compare it with the benchmark and thus work out the gaps.

For any query on the above process please be in touch with Ms. Naina Keswani & Supriya Joshi. For any clarification required on this tool please be in touch with Riya Rampal at +91 9971171220, 7888410453.

Competency Test: The test aims at assessing knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) for each competency. The test will have a wide range of questions covering various competencies.

Duration of Test: 60 minutes

Number of Questions: 60