Objective: This program is intended to cover all those activities associated with contract management from the establishment of the business case and the confirmation of need, through contract administration and relationship management to the review of contract performance. In general contract management refer to post-award activities. Successful contract management, however, is most effective if upstream or pre-award activities are properly carried out. Hence we will try to cover upstream and down-stream activities to manage the contracts more effectively.


  • Develop an understanding of procurement cycle, contract types, effective contracting methodologies, and contract law.
  • Apply the principles of supplier segmentation to prioritise effort and apply differentiated supplier.
  • Establish effective governance structures and implement the required processes, practices and resources to manage the delivery of the contract.
  • Working effectively with stakeholders and others for ensuring the contract is effectively implemented and delivered.
  • Access and manage key supplier risks within the contract delivery phase actively manage supplier relationships
  • Establishing the performance framework and regime including SLA’s, measures, incentives and sanctions.
  • Identify how to drive continuous improvement
    with chosen suppliers.
  • How to manage variations, change and avoid
    scope creep.
  • Use rights, remedies and controls to manage
    and deal with non-performance.

Intended for: It is designed for anyone involved in the acquisition and management of any type of contract in both public and private sectors, including those who may already have some experience of managing contracts but who need to gather more in-depth knowledge, information and practical hands-on experience.

Duration: Two Days.

Approach: Combines theory and practical sessions, allowing you to practice in a risk-free environment the controls, tools and techniques of contract management using a case study and practical exercises.