Objective: This program takes a fresh and  concise look at the subject, offering a structured approach to assessing your organisation’s PRM state-of-health and helping you doing something about it. It is designed to improve delegates’ awareness of techniques and best practices associated with risk analysis, evaluation and mitigation in the sourcing decisions made by them and their departments. It
will equip them with a series of easy to apply risk assessment tools that can be
used within a supply chain context.


  • A clear definition and scope of procurement risk management.
  • Potential sources of risk to the organisation.
  • The difference between commercial and operational risk.
  • Supply chain mapping and risk assessment.
  • Risk elimination, avoidance and reduction techniques.
  • Risk transfer and mitigation strategies.
  • Contingency planning.
  • Risk assessment and control techniques.
  • The role of KPI’s and sound contract management in risk management and
  • The effective contract manager.

Intended for: It is designed for delegates whose role requires them to assess and model supply chain risks when undertaking ‘make or buy’, and key sourcing and performance management decisions for new and existing services and purchases.

Duration: One Day.

Approach: Combination of lectures, case study and problem solving.