Dear Friends:

Procurement Competency Award by ISM-INDIA is a formal recognition of your accomplishment in the field of Procurement. This award will be given to top three scorers of the Procurement Competency Quiz. The Quiz will cover various questions to assess “How well do you know Procurement?”

The award will be given during the upcoming CPO Award 2018 scheduled to be held from 25 October 2018 in Mumbai at Novotel Hotel. All procurement professionals based in India are welcome to participate in the Procurement Competency Quiz.
To take the Quiz, please undertake following steps.

Step 2: Visit our website WWW.ISM-INDIA.ORG
Step 3: Login (Use login credentials which you received during membeship).
Step 4: Click on Competency Award Quiz.
Step 5:  Click Start Quiz.

You can take the Procurement Competency Quiz from 8 October 2018 (Monday) to 12 October 2018 (Friday). Please note that only one attempt is allowed and it is time-bound (30 minutes).
Register for the Quiz before 8 October 2018.
Should you need any assistance, you are welcome to contact Arun Pal directly at 0124-4221353 or through email
Happy Learning!
Krishan K. Batra

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