This is a special shortcode to create testimonial carousel and place anywhere within the page. Can be placed with column too. To start with follow the steps bellow

1. Find menu “Testimonias” bellow “pages” and “comments”.
2. Add few Testimonials.
3. Open the page and place your cursor where you want the testimonials carusel to be placed.
4. Add the testimonial shortcode and you are done.

The result will be :

A very well designed course-related blockchains role in supply chain which is the upcoming technology in global markets <strong>~ Deven</strong>,
If you're studying for the ISM CPSM Certification I strongly recommend you watch the 3 videos that Krishan posted late last year. They were very helpful and as a result, I passed on the 3 exams on the first try. <strong>~ Gabriel Cairo, CPSM</strong>  ,
I really appreciate as a first experience with ISM-INDIA and recommend it to anyone willing to learn, improve and or reinforce his/her capacity as I am still ready to come back at any time as soon as the opportunity is available. Thank you. <strong>~ Madani DOUMBIA</strong>,
I have recently been enrolled for SCM from ISM and indeed it's an advanced learning academy. The way they provide training and prepare participants is just amazing. The training deck is self-explanatory and anyone can understand the topic by referring to the same. <strong>~ Viraj Vichare</strong>  ,
Very supportive with shipping learning material and also scheduling exams. Online resources provide an excellent base for exam preparations. <strong>~ Balasubramanian Sundaram</strong>,
I am proud to have CPSM certification. ISM certification is very good. I learned a lot from CPSM certification and got confidence in almost all SCM functions from basic to leadership roles. Everyone in SCM should have this certification. ~ Rajesh Kumar, CPSM,


The code will look like :

[tx_testimonial style="default"]

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