Sonia Menda


Sr. Category Supplier Manager – Travel & Mobility,
Micron Technology

Role of Women in Procurement and advocating their Role

There are very few women in procurement because of the lack of opportunities to enter the sector and understanding of a procurement in general.  Before I took on a role in procurement, I had no idea of what it meant.  It looked so monotonous, process driven and something I would not consider, but it was the opposite of that.  Historically, there were many stereotypes that a procurement role is not suitable for women, due to the skills needed like negotiation and long hours which often were perceived not to fit into the work-life balance of women.  Women have a number of skills which make them suitable and capable for a role in procurement such as innovative thinking, collaboration and multi-tasking.

What opportunities and challenges have you experienced in the profession?

Over the past 18+ years, I have seen incredible opportunities in procurement  and this profession has matured dramatically.  When I started working with procurement, it was a male dominated role.  Now, you see women in leadership roles who deliver competitive advantage to the businesses and motivate the team’s in terms of growth opportunities. 

Your mantra for women to procurement and supply chain as a career? 

Be prepared to work your way up.  It is hard to build credibility if you haven’t walked in the shoes of those you are looking to manage.  The trial & error process through which you learn what makes a “good” decision and what contributes to failures is a critical skill set that makes you a stronger leader.